Monday, May 19, 2008

a song

So i made another song and it is a very perfect example of what happens when something sits around on your desktop too long and you never get a chance to record shit. Also, fuck blogger for not letting me upload file types of my choice (anyone figure out how to do mp3s?) but i have uploaded it to the landfill of the internet that is myspace for all to hear at their leisure providing they have a broad band connection to load up all the ads and animations for free ipods for punching cartoon barnyard animals.

the discrepancy in sound quality from layer to layer bugs the hell out of me and the casio bit at the end never quite sounded right but im kind of tired of this song* anyway and ready to move on so i figured id "finish" it (lol) and bury it with all the other things ive "completed" so that i can have "closure" in some sense.


i made it so that it can be downloaded by anybody so if you are a generous and sympathetic soul you can upload it to something other than myspace.

*sound mess

e; you know what, that song is gonna change eventually
e2; I changed the song and added a bunch of random shit to it so now its cool


Megyn said...

It is cool.

If you want to play the song on the blog, you can add a google gadget by just cutting and pasting some text into the "edit HTML" of your post.

Here's the link

admiral alanna said...

this is really great, and so haunting. i had to fucking login to download it, but i forgive you.

at any rate, i went ahead and uploaded it for you...
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