Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I made another song dudes

I made a new song and this one wasn't so hard (prob cause its only 2 chords with alternating 9ths)
but anyway the guitar solo at the end was like take 13 and i was just tired of that shit by that point. i still cant find a place to directly host mp3s so i have this leech ass site called "boomp3" where i uploaded a bunch of stuff and it seems to be more bare-bones than myspace so maybe you guys can deal with it i dunno

dont ask me what the lyrics mean

also i dont know what the deal is but when i try to click the art tab from the artparty homepage it takes infinity to load (as in it never loads ever)

e; boomp3 has an embedding thing so this works better i gueess



morgiepoo said...

I like all these background sounds and twanginess. More music! Moremore!

admiral alanna said...

it's been taking me forever to load this page as well. laaaaame! i don't know what the deal is with that, but perhaps we can fix it.

this song is beautiful. i could listen to it for days. but what is this?? am i not allowed to download it?!

i'm sorry that this new blogger system is so evil to the musicians... i think i suggested this before, but you can certainly upload directly to our server if need be. i don't know. we need to remedy this somehow. many things need to be done.

yes, more songs, please.

Geoff said...

how, exactly, do i upload directly to the server

you can download the song if you go to my boomp3 account site: