Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I made another song dudes

I made a new song and this one wasn't so hard (prob cause its only 2 chords with alternating 9ths)
but anyway the guitar solo at the end was like take 13 and i was just tired of that shit by that point. i still cant find a place to directly host mp3s so i have this leech ass site called "boomp3" where i uploaded a bunch of stuff and it seems to be more bare-bones than myspace so maybe you guys can deal with it i dunno

dont ask me what the lyrics mean

also i dont know what the deal is but when i try to click the art tab from the artparty homepage it takes infinity to load (as in it never loads ever)

e; boomp3 has an embedding thing so this works better i gueess

Monday, May 19, 2008

a song

So i made another song and it is a very perfect example of what happens when something sits around on your desktop too long and you never get a chance to record shit. Also, fuck blogger for not letting me upload file types of my choice (anyone figure out how to do mp3s?) but i have uploaded it to the landfill of the internet that is myspace for all to hear at their leisure providing they have a broad band connection to load up all the ads and animations for free ipods for punching cartoon barnyard animals.

the discrepancy in sound quality from layer to layer bugs the hell out of me and the casio bit at the end never quite sounded right but im kind of tired of this song* anyway and ready to move on so i figured id "finish" it (lol) and bury it with all the other things ive "completed" so that i can have "closure" in some sense.


i made it so that it can be downloaded by anybody so if you are a generous and sympathetic soul you can upload it to something other than myspace.

*sound mess

e; you know what, that song is gonna change eventually
e2; I changed the song and added a bunch of random shit to it so now its cool

Monday, March 31, 2008

I don't know how to upload songs

Because there are only two icons in this box: Add Image and Add Video. I have recorded 3 new songs recently and since stagnated back into the atrophous state of non-music recordation. They are uploaded to my myspace which can be found by copy pasting THIS URL ( into your browser's address bar.

There are only so many ideas for words and songs and at a certain point you become tired of repeating the same archetypes and desire to move on to something new. I am frustrated by my ultimate lack of knowledge when it comes to music theory or composition skills or mastery of any primary or secondary instruments. The worst thing for a musician (or aspiring musician) is to fall into redundancy. Also, my neighbors beat on the wall sometimes when I play. Also, I'm poor as fuck. I want to start a band. This arpeggio book is sweet.

I wouldn't have posted this if I hadn't accidentally woken up at 8 and not been able to fall back asleep. Firestone says my car is dangerous to drive because some 300 dollar bearing is cracked and that's not good for anyone. I haven't had a cigarette in 9 days and I'm starting to get hungry ( for foods lulz). I am currently reading Ender's Game, and I work at the Pizza Hut where the manager was robbed and shot. I've nearly perfected a method of chugging beer that makes the last hours of most nights completely immemorable albeit usually embarrassing in retrospect. I still haven't filed my taxes.

The birds outside my window need to be destroyed and god damn if I'm not starting to develop a gut. I don't know who named my blog but I'm going to assume that it was named after that alright Brian Jonestown Massacre song which someone must've dug deep into my to even know I appreciate.

Thanks for listening mother internet!

Saturday, March 22, 2008